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Worms! Ugh. A normal reaction when we think of the slimy earthworms familiar to most of us. But the marine worms are often quite different, and ignoring those which are writhing, crawly creatures, we can discuss those that are of potential interest to the aquarium keeper, some of which may even be described as “beautiful”. […]


We British call them “Starfish”, but surely the translated popular name from most other European nations makes more sense. They call them “Sea Stars”. We all know very well they are not fish, and this part of their identifying name is confusing. Whatever you care to name them, these mostly five-armed sea creatures are well […]


Marine fish aquariums are almost invariably visually spectacular, but the additional impact created by a “reef” setting, with a variety of invertebrate life, is undeniably immense. Sessile invertebrate life forms may be tastefully arranged to provide a living background made up of many different structures and colours. But the compelling fascination is provided by the […]


We fishkeepers call them “sharks”. But we are not trying to fool anybody. These popular tropical freshwater fish can only be likened to the true marine sharks in the most oblique fashion. True, they have a streamlined form, some an underslung mouth, others a “triangular-ish” dorsal fin. That, with sufficient imagination, could perhaps justify this […]

Beautiful Slugs

The words ‘slug’ and ‘beautiful’ hardly seem compatible but there are some stunning examples of nudibranchs available to help bring bursts of colour to your home aquarium.

Sea Urchin

Sea urchins are interesting animals often offered to the marine aquarium hobby. They can make excellent scavengers, and some species will graze unsightly nuisance algae growths from the reef aquarium. In their natural environment they can be a danger to the unwary holiday maker who might unwittingly step on one. SCUBA divers and snorkellers also […]