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Dry Goods


Being an independent retailer, we stock a wide variety of products from an array of different manufacturers. We ensure you get the best selection of goods at competitive prices and better still, we have a great knowledge of how they all work. We are an API Gold Dealer, an EHEIM Professionel dealer, an Aqua One authorised dealer, […]



Fancy keeping goldfish? We have a huge selection of beautiful orandas, moors, shubunkins and the more common goldfish. These beautiful and relaxing creatures delight with their stunning, vibrant colours and are welcome additions to any coldwater aquariums.



Our contemporary plant tank display takes aquatic plants for the fishkeeper to a whole new level. We pride ourselves with top quality plants from all over the world, like Africa, Asia and the Americas. In the five tanks, each 3.3 metres long, we have plants displayed from three different continents. The labels on the tanks […]

Marine Fish


From the stunning clown trigger to the eye-catching regal damsels to everybody’s favourite – the clownfish, The Goldfish Bowl stocks a great range of marine fish for the beginner, the novice and the expert.

Tropical Fish


Stretching over 100 tanks, The Goldfish Bowl prides itself on the wide variety of tropical fish imported from all across the world.


Worms! Ugh. A normal reaction when we think of the slimy earthworms familiar to most of us. But the marine worms are often quite different, and ignoring those which are writhing, crawly creatures, we can discuss those that are of potential interest to the aquarium keeper, some of which may even be described as “beautiful”. […]


We British call them “Starfish”, but surely the translated popular name from most other European nations makes more sense. They call them “Sea Stars”. We all know very well they are not fish, and this part of their identifying name is confusing. Whatever you care to name them, these mostly five-armed sea creatures are well […]