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Marine fish aquariums are almost invariably visually spectacular, but the additional impact created by a “reef” setting, with a variety of invertebrate life, is undeniably immense. Sessile invertebrate life forms may be tastefully arranged to provide a living background made up of many different structures and colours. But the compelling fascination is provided by the […]


We fishkeepers call them “sharks”. But we are not trying to fool anybody. These popular tropical freshwater fish can only be likened to the true marine sharks in the most oblique fashion. True, they have a streamlined form, some an underslung mouth, others a “triangular-ish” dorsal fin. That, with sufficient imagination, could perhaps justify this […]

Beautiful Slugs

The words ‘slug’ and ‘beautiful’ hardly seem compatible but there are some stunning examples of nudibranchs available to help bring bursts of colour to your home aquarium.

Sea Urchin

Sea urchins are interesting animals often offered to the marine aquarium hobby. They can make excellent scavengers, and some species will graze unsightly nuisance algae growths from the reef aquarium. In their natural environment they can be a danger to the unwary holiday maker who might unwittingly step on one. SCUBA divers and snorkellers also […]

Do you own a cat(fish)?

Panther Catfish (pimelodus pictus)

They are entirely peaceful, never known to nip fins. Their body armour keeps many diseases and parasites at bay. They will not eat or pull up plants. They do not rearrange the substrate. They accept pretty well any regular fish food. They very rarely jump out of the aquarium. Their body pattern designs of spot, […]

Radiant Rainbows

Colourful and hardy. Peaceful and prolific. Rainbow fishes from northern and eastern Australia and New Guinea have experienced a deserved upsurge of popularity in recent years. This trend has undoubtedly been closely linked to the improved availability of a far greater number of species than before. Farm raised stocks of the Australian Rainbow, or Dwarf […]


Many are pretty. All are both elegant and peaceful. Some are easy to breed. Rasboras are the perfect community fish in so many ways. Yet only a few species have managed to gain a place in the “Top Twenty” league, leaving some very beautiful fish underrated and largely overlooked. As Cyprinids rasboras share a vast […]

Fancy keeping goldfish?

The common goldfish has been domesticated over many, many years. From the original greeny/bronze ancestor man has developed a whole range of fascinating pet fish. The outward appearance of many of these varieties in no way resembles their original stock. The insignificant original Cyprinid, Carassius auratus, has been manipulated by selective breeding from “sports” to […]

Garden Ponds

What is the compelling attraction that channels so many garden lovers to include a fish pool in their garden lay-out? The moving water theme from a waterfall/cascade feature, or the tinkling of water droplets from a fountain, are both capable of adding a soothing yet lively component to any garden, large or small. The added […]