KoiThe Koi Carp has attained cult status, originally in Japan where it is revered, but now given almost equal status elsewhere in the world. Enthusiasts will pay enormous sums for those special fish that have matured into magnificent specimens of their strain. But for the average pondkeeper there are some very beautiful Koi Carp available at very reasonable prices. Those fish would not win any prizes, but are superbly ornamental.

As juvenile fish it is possible to keep Koi Carp in an aquarium, but they quickly outgrow anything less than a very BIG aquarium and must be re-housed in a spacious pool. It is good to be able to enjoy them in profile for this short time, however, as they will only be seen from a “plan” view once they are moved to the pool.

With insatiable appetites, Koi Carp rapidly become tame enough to thrash about at the surface of the water to compete for the food being dished out by hand.