Orfe and Rudd

These hardy cyprinids need well-oxygenated water for their comfort and success, especially true of the orfe. Their contrasting habits and active swimming habits, makes them attractive potential companions to go with goldfish varieties in the garden pool. Both species enjoy some water movement from a cascade fountain, or other source.

Golden Rudd (scardinus erythropthalmus)

Golden Rudd (scardinus erythropthalmus) are tough coarse fish and have few demands for anything special to achieve success with their general maintenance. While the finnage of most strains is invariably red to some degree, the body colour can vary quite significantly.

Golden Orfe (idus idus)

Golden Orfe (idus idus) are essentially pond fish, and quite unsuited to aquarium life. The pool also needs to be deep and spacious to have stable water conditions. Big temperature fluctuations or oxygen depletion can have serious effects on the Orfe. Their streamlined shape indicates they are active and need space.