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At The Goldfish Bowl a great deal of attention to the health and well-being of our fish is paid by our conscientious staff to ensure as far as possible the fish we offer for sale are healthy and strong. Most new stocks of fish are held for an initial observation period in our quarantine area. The fish are monitored, checked, and treated with medication where necessary, to ensure the fish are free from diseases or abnormalities before going out into the shop for sale. Records are kept to keep track of the progress of the fish during their tine in quarantine. We also take careful note of any signs of aggressive behaviour on the part of individual fish as such behaviour can trigger stress in their companion fish if kept together.

We work closely with pharmaceuticals companies that have a vested interest in fish health. Companies like Aquarium Pharmaceuticals and Tetra have Research & Development facilities to develop new and ever more efficient treatments to improve fish health. We also endeavour to keep our staff trained and up to date with fish treatments, but more importantly, we train them to listen to the concerns of you the customer to enable them to give you the most appropriate advice. We can offer advice by phone but we strongly recommend that you visit the shop with a water sample for testing. This service is free.



To keep your fish healthy you need to understand how they become sick. Broadly, the reasons fall into two categories:

  1. The fish’s own immune system. This can be compromised by various considerations, primarily poor diet, poor water quality, the age of the fish, and stresses within the aquarium’s fish community.
  2. Environmental factors. Contamination – mostly by introducing sick fish into an established aquarium. Of course, you will want to add new fish from time to time, but ensure you buy new fish from a reputable store. A visit to the store when purchasing new fish is a must! There you can observe the quality of the fish on offer and form an opinion as to the commitment shown towards the fish health. A pre-sale quarantine and care is critical to the quality of the fish.

We have created a range of PDFs on common diseases which are free to download. You can access them by clicking on the name of the disease below.

Anchor Worm

Body Fungus

Cauliflower Disease


Filamentous Algae

Hole in the Head

Lateral Line Disease

Marine White Spot

Molly Spot

Mouth Fungus


Swim Bladder


White Spot