Invert Room

Invertebrates at The Goldfish Bowl

The Goldfish Bowl of Oxford is proud to announce the opening of a brand new purpose built invertebrate and cultivated seahorse room. Seeing any creature in its natural environment is the best way, but unfortunately not everybody has the opportunity to do so in the ocean, and the aquarium is the next best thing.

This latest addition to the already extensive range of livestock has taken Barry, Peter and the dedicated staff at The Goldfish Bowl several months to complete. There are 20 tanks, including coral tables, which are supported mainly by the well-established TMC systems including calcium reactors, fluidised sand beds, ultra violet sterilisers and protein skimmers. The lighting comprises of high-powered LEDs, Radiance 3 from Aqua One and also Aquaray from TMC. This ‘state of the art’ range enables a variation of lighting patterns that can be adapted to enhance and enrich coral growth.

The display attempts to mimic an underwater wonderland, with the inverts delicately positioned to its best advantage. SPS corals and LPS stony corals are displayed in their own system. Soft corals, mushroom on rock, zoanthids, anemones, feather dusters, shrimps, crabs, urchins, starfish and many more are among the inhabitants of this new display. There are also ultra colourful stony corals and ultra zoanthids as well as the more standard kinds to cater for the requirements of different enthusiasts.

There will be also be an educational element to the room where information will be displayed; with staff available to discuss and share views on what is clearly a fascinating and hugely satisfying hobby.