Sea Anemones have particular requirements for their success in a marine “reef” aquarium. The lighting is a particular item in point. The anemone requires the correct spectrum of light and of sufficient strength to permit the healthy internal growth of symbiotic algae, necessary for the overall health of the animal. Metal halide lighting, or the modern high intensity aquarium fluorescent light tubes, need to be supplemented with some “blue” lighting. Small pieces of meaty foods can be fed to the tentacles of the anemones that will pass them down to the oral disc (“mouth”). The stinging nematocycts at the tips of each tentacle can deliver a lethal “punch” to fish accidentally coming into contact with them, except those species which have an immunity from the poison.

Ritteri Anemone (heteractis magnifica)

This Ritteri Anemone (heteractis magnifica) is one of the most popular of those species of anemone that come to the trade regularly. They may come in various other colour forms.

Green Carpet anemones (stichodactyla haddoni)

Green Carpet anemones (stichodactyla haddoni), given the right conditions, they will settle quite well to a captive existence. The “sticky” tips of this species can cause a rash if delicate skin areas, like the inner surface of the arm, makes contact with them.