Feather Worms

There are a number of Sabellid and Serpulid worms which find their way into the aquarium trade, and some of these are colonial and highly decorative. Others are single “stand alone” creatures, which might or might not have been taken from a loosely formed colony or group. These animals are filter feeders, requiring some suspended particulate food to be made available from time to time.

Feather Duster Tubeworms (sabellastarte species)

Feather Duster Tubeworms (sabellastarte species) come in various forms and colours. The species pictured here are comparatively decorative with their red and white colouring, although less colourful species might have a more extravagant display of feathery head. The body is contained within a parchment-like tube that they manufacture within the sedimentary environment they prefer.

Coco Worm (rotula bispiralis)

The Coco Worm (rotula bispiralis) has a very attractive head, which may be single or double. The colour is usually either white or pink, with a chance of having the two heads in one tube of the two different colours. The tube is a heavy and very strong calcareous structure, which has been formed within some rock or hard coral when found in its natural habitat.