Rock Items

Ocean reefVarious forms of calcareous rock is shipped with its growth of marine life attached when it arrives for use in the reef aquarium. Some of it is intended as a base on which to construct the miniature reef within the aquarium, while other pieces are shipped with the intention they should form part of that “reef” in their own right.

This picture shows a variety of algaes colonising a rock, and is intended to be used as a décor piece with as much prominence as any of the valuable sessile invertebrate pieces. It illustrates a piece of rock with its colony of living sea matter still clinging to it. Known as “Living Rock”, this type of rock is usually expected to lose some of the encrusting life and retain and increase other parts of that life, adapting to aquarium conditions as a natural process. The resulting rock with its healthy encrustation is used to form a base on which to construct the miniature reef.