Interpet Nano Air Pump

Interpet Nano Air Pump


Silent and powerful air pump for your aquarium. The fun and health-giving benefits of air bubbles for you and your fish to enjoy without the noise.

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Product Description

Make your aquarium look even better and keep your fish sparkling with health with this Nano Air Pump. Your fish will appreciate the extra oxygen, and you’ll love hearing nothing other than the soothing sound of bubbles. There’s no loud buzz or hum here!

And it’s not just the silent operation you’ll love. It looks pretty good too. Sleek and stylish, the Nano Aquarium Air Pump lets you have fun with your tank without the chunky hardware and trailing cables.

Easy-to-use, this neat little airpump can be attached to your aquarium with the supplied suckers or a mounting bracket. Perfect for use with air stones and air-powered decor.