Arcadia Classica Stretch LED Marine

Arcadia Classica Stretch LED
Arcadia Classica Stretch LED Marine


The Marine unit utilises a mix of 1.5W at 12,000K, RGB and 0.24W Actinic Blue LED providing superior full colour spectrum rendering for marine livestock. The light itself is the size of the smaller value but the extendable arms allow it to be stretched to the larger size (e.g. the 180 – 300mm model is 180mm in length but can fit on aquariums up to 300mm by using the extendable arms


Product Description

For extra stability, each unit is supplied with clamp fixings (x4 – tank widths 8-18mm). The dual light mode recreates daylight and moonlight conditions for a more natural day cycle. The extendable arm allows the lamp to be mounted on a wide range of aquarium tanks.

Additional Information

Arcadia Classica Stretch LED Marine

180-300mm, 300-450mm, 400-550mm, 500-650mm, 600-800mm, 900-1200mm, 1200-1500mm