TMC Aquagro CO2 Starter Kit

TMC Aquagro CO2 Starter Kit


Featuring everything you need to build your own CO2 distributing system in your planted aquarium, this TMC AquaGro CO2 Starter Kit is top of the range when it comes to starting out.

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Product Description

This highly economical CO2 system from TMC includes everything you need to supply your planted aquarium with the most beautiful, vibrant plants. Its ideal for both novices and the more experienced keeper, as it is simple to use yet produces superb results.

The kit includes a 550ml canister for a speedy connection and results. It also includes a CO2 diffuser that makes sure the carbon dioxide is shared throughout the tank, so every plant receives the right amount for healthy development.

The diffuser is transparent, so it is virtually invisible in the tank, so as not to disrupt the aesthetics. Multiple diffusers can be joined together for a larger aquarium or to simply increase the capacity.

Key features:

  • 550ml CO2 canister
  • CO2 diffuser
  • Non-return valve
  • 2m x 6mm CO2 tubing