biOrb Aquariums

biOrb TUBE 35 Aquarium White with MCR

The unusual tubular form creates a relaxing focal point in any room.

All biOrbs have a filter at the bottom of the aquarium. It’s where solid waste naturally settles. Put simply, the filter works where there is most to filter. The air driven filtration system creates vigorous water flow and a constantly changing water surface. This maintains oxygen saturation. The circular flow of water then collects any fish waste on its way down. It draws the waste through the ceramic media where the natural biological filtration absorbs some toxins. The freshly oxygenated water also feeds the bacteria. Any remaining waste is trapped in the sponge cartridge. The water then passes through resin particles and natural stabilisers to remove toxic substances and keep the pH levels constant. The clean water is then oxygenated as it flows back up the bubble tube to repeat the cycle.

Enjoy the magic of multi-coloured LED lighting. Choose from 16 pre-set colours, control the brightness or replicate nature’s sunrise, daylight, sunset and moonlight. Colour at the touch of a button. Using your remote control couldn’t be easier. Simply choose your colour and use the grey bar on the right control the brightness or push the wave button and enjoy as your biOrb cycles through all the colours. Press the cog button while your biOrb is cycling through the colours to stop on your favourite.

All biOrb aquariums are made from acrylic. Acrylic is incredibly strong. It’s also very clear, with a transparency rate of 93 per cent, it is the clearest material known. Another benefit of acrylic is insulation. It has very little heat loss and so minimal energy is needed for heating your biOrb.

Decor pictured is not included.

Dimensions: 41cm (D) x 36.9cm (H)
Size: Approximately 35 litres