About Coldwater Fish

The Coldwater Aquarium

The coldwater aquarium can be a delight to have. In these days of many homes being centrally heated, the coldwater aquarium is, in fact, rarely what could be described as truly “cold”. Normal room temperature for the unheated aquarium, however, is perfectly acceptable by the majority of what are termed “aquarium coldwater fish”. However, to avoid stressful variations in temperature, it is recommended that a heater should be installed in the coldwater aquarium wherever practical. A steady temperature will be maintained to the overall benefit of the fish and plants.

Planting your coldwater aquarium

If natural plants are to be grown in the coldwater aquarium select those with tough leaves, as goldfish will often strip the more delicately fronded plants of their leaves in no time. Species of Anubias are quite good for this purpose, also Java fern, having thick leaves resistant to being munched away, and being very tolerant of low light levels when required. Egeria densa is very popular for coldwater aquariums, due to its fast growth rate and general hardiness. However, the fish will usually feed from this plant too, as it lacks the sturdiness of the previously mentioned species.

Maintaining water quality

Part water changes are essential to the maintenance of good water chemistry. The filter may need less frequent attention than the water changing discipline, and its filtering medium should only be gently washed in tank water free of built-up detritus when necessary. When making water changes, always use water conditioners to safeguard against the effects of chlorine and other hazards. Stress Coat is one such product recommended for this purpose.