About Pond Fish

The Pond

Ponds are a great addition to the home and provide some peace and tranquility in your garden space. Whether you have a smaller or larger garden, you can create a lovely space with ease in your home.

You can also have a beautiful water feature or a waterfall, which will bring the tranquil sound of water to your garden oasis.

Planting in your pond

There are three main types of plants we sell - marginals, lilies and oxygenating plants. As the name suggests, marginal plants should be placed around the edges of the pond, in a small amount of water (usually placed on planting shelves at the edge of the pond). Lillies are usually fully submersed in water, sending out shoots and stems to the water surface. Oxygenating plants are usually just placed on the surface of the pond and provide some helpful oxygen into the pond.

Maintaining water quality

Part water changes are essential to the maintenance of good water chemistry. The filter may need less frequent attention than the water changing discipline, and its filtering medium should only be gently washed in pond water free of built-up detritus when necessary. When making water changes, always use water conditioners to safeguard against the effects of chlorine and other hazards. Pond Stress Coat is one such product recommended for this purpose.