Body fungus

What is body fungus?

The appearance of fungus on a fish is usually an indication that there is rather more than just the fungus to be investigated. Fungus spores are present in almost all bodies of water, and the fish are largely protected from invasion of these spores by their mucus coating and/or the heavy plate-like scales of some species. But if the mucus is damaged in some way, the spores will quickly find this “chink in the armour” and fungus will appear in tufty patches. Once established at this point of entry, the growth may spread out, eating its way into the healthy mucus. It is sometimes called “cotton wool disease”, because of its wooly texture, fungus can very quickly spread across the invaded fish, so its elimination is essential. Although popularly known as Body Fungus the condition affects fins too.

How do you treat body fungus?

If a quarantine aquarium is available, it is advisable to use this for the treatment of the infected fish when the disease is still affecting a minimal number. If the outbreak has spread out of control, however, it would be best to treat all of the fish in their regular aquarium or pool. Investigation as to what caused the fungus to attack the fish first is necessary.

If you’ve identified this disease on your fish, please call us and we will be happy to talk through treatments with you.