Releasing new fish

Releasing your fish into your aquarium

Thank you for purchasing your fish from The Goldfish Bowl.

Here is some information on how to release them into the aquarium.

Float the bag

1. Turn the light off and float the bag on the surface of the water for at least 30 minutes. For more sensitive species, we would recommend floating them for as long as possible.

During this time, feed any existing fish in the aquarium.

Mix the water

2. Open the bag. Over a 30 minute period, take some water from the tank and put it into the bag to let the water from your aquarium and the water in the bag mix together.

This can also be done using an acclimation kit.

Water conditioners

3. Add your water conditioners (we recommend Stress Coat and Quick Start) to the aquarium and filter sponge. Net the fish out of the bag or alternatively, you may be able to tip the bag and let them swim out. 

Water test

4. Around five days to a week after introducing fish, please come in for a free water test so we can check how things are going. Don't worry if it's not 100 per cent, we'll help fine tune it!