Plant Display

Our state-of-the-art plant display

The Goldfish Bowl's contemporary plant tank display, taking aquatic plants for the fishkeeper to a whole new level.

We have always prided ourselves with top quality plants representatives from all over the world, like Africa, Asia and the Americas and with this installation, we continue to keep our quality high.

In the five tanks, each 3.3 metres long, we regularly have over sixty different species of plants from three different continents displayed. The information board near the tanks provide the viewer with specific information about the plant including its requirements and growth rate, which is extremely important when choosing the right plants for your home aquarium. The plants are available in pots, bunches, pads and on bogwood. Our pot plants are grown in the pots and not potted. This can make a difference to the sustenance of the plant.

There are heating cables at the bottom of the tanks to allow the movement of essential bacteria through the layer of Deponit Mix, enriched with nutrients and trace elements that acts as a nutrient medium to provide you with plants of the highest quality. Above that is a layer of quartz crystal gravel, which are free from hardness, each individual piece only measures 1 – 2mm, which allows maximum growth. CO2 is injected into the water at required levels.

The water is filtered through a UV steriliser and water movement is a controlled at a slow flow rate to prevent build up of excess oxygen levels that are harmful to aquatic plants. The whole display is supported by high performance LED lighting to give maximum plant growth.

This state of the art display surely must be unique to the industry and sets the standards for others to follow. It is safe to say that here at the Goldfish Bowl we really have “gone green”.