The Goldfish Bowl - Southampton

I was recommended to visit this shop and was not disappointed. I would like to say what an amazing place it is. This is the largest aquarium shop that I have ever visited. The condition of the fish is second to none. They were all healthy and vibrant. I chatted to Barry, Jasmine and some of the team and I must say that their passion, knowledge and enthusiasm for the fish was impressive. I was given 100% sound advise on fish and the plant selections. I will be visiting again in the very near future, it is well worth the drive from Southampton.

Jane H

The Goldfish Bowl - Dream Marine Tank

By far the best shop, I've been coming since a child. Now the team in the shop are helping my partner and I to build our dream saltwater marine tank. We really do enjoy popping in every week for the help and advice they have for us in achieving such a beautiful tank. All our needs are met by friendly staff. see you at the end of the week guys

Sharlene C

The Goldfish Bowl - Recommended

I’ve had tropical fish on and off over 30 years and I can honestly say these guys are the most genuine, knowledgeable and helpful staff you could wish to meet Great shop and would recommend to both beginners and experts alike 

John G