Meet the staff

Friendly, Knowledgeable and Welcoming

Our staff have over a hundred years of fishkeeping experience between them and all have their own aquariums at home - from tropical set ups to terrapins to beautiful saltwater tanks.

We love to talk fish so get in touch with us here.


Wonder product: Crystal. "When this product was first launched, the rep came in and told me he had something to get rid of the tannins in the water after adding bogwood to the tank. I didn't believe him but he left some with me and I couldn't believe how quickly it worked!"

Tanks at home: "Two Juwel Lido 200 aquariums in white - one is a reef tank and the other is a heavily planted aquarium, an Asian biotype solely including plants and fish from this region. A 5000 litre pond, complete with its own bridge!"


Wonder product: Prime. "This product is loved by new fishkeepers and seasoned aquarists alike. It is not only a dechlorinator but it also helps to remove ammonia, nitrite and nitrate from the aquarium and is a great product to have in your fishkeeping cupboard at all times."

Tanks at home: "I've owned a lot of tanks over the years but one of my favourites would have to be my 650 litre freshwater predator tank. It housed stingrays and an arowana."


Wonder product: "The Proten freshwater LED light is my favourite product. I added one to my own tank as I felt the original light wasn't powerful enough for my plant growth and now my plants are sprouting new leaves left right and centre!"

Tanks at home: "A 30 litre aquarium with a siamese fighting fish as its centre piece. The tank also features live plants as well as small shoals of ember tetras and galaxy rasboras." 


Wonder product: "Flourish Excel - the perfect aide for plant growth. It is essentially a liquid carbon and is part of a larger range of Flourish products by Seachem aimed to help the plants use the nutrients in the water more efficiently."

Tanks at home: "My big tank is 300 litres and is home to my favourite clown loach as well as red tiger oscars and red tail black sharks. I also have a heavily planted 54 litre tank."