Pop eye

What is pop eye?

The symptom of protruding eyes might be caused by various disorders. Fluid build-up behind the eye is probably one of the more common causes, but flukes and TB are other condition that result in the eyes being distended in the same way. 

How do you treat pop eye?

Although not reckoned to be highly contagious, there is a risk that if the affected fish dies in with other healthy fish, it could be passed on from the corpse being picked and pecked at as potential food for others.

With this in mind, the removal of the fish to a quarantine tank for treatment is advisable. If the onset of the problem can be related to poor conditions of the water, feeding or other stressful factors, it might correct itself once the conditions are improved.

If you’ve identified this disease on your fish, please call us and we will be happy to talk through treatments with you.