Throwback Thursday! The invert island

#ThrowbackThursday - The invert island

Long before the existence of the two 7 foot tanks on our invert island and our purpose-built marine invertebrates and coral room, the invert island was home to all of our corals. We used to keep copper sensitive species here, such as sharks and rays, as well as marine invertebrates - snails, shrimps, crabs etc. - and corals. It featured eight low level tanks as well as four on the top.

On the marine system on the left of the picture, you can see a big selection of beautiful livestock including the blue throat trigger (Xanthichthys auromarginatus), black and white bannerfish (Heniochus acuminata), brown sailfin tang (Zebrasoma scopas), regal tangs (Paracanthurus hepatus) and the half moon angel (Pomacanthus maculosus), all which remain popular today.